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Public seafood market proposed for the warehouse end of the South Boston waterfront

A developer has proposed a series of seafood buildings in the Raymond Flynn Marine Park that would include Boston's first public seafood market as well as new space for seafood processors.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA this week, developer Eden Milroy of Pilot Development Partners also proposed a 300-car parking garage on the harborside parcel off Fid Kennedy Avenue in the Massport Marine Terminal section of the industrial park.

Although most of the 220,000-square-foot project would be set aside for "two to three" fish wholesalers, Milroy writes the first floor of the garage would include a market where the public could buy fresh fish:

The introduction of locally provisioned retail seafood at this location will provide a valuable interface between the seafood industry and the public.

The BPDA now requires developers to use the first floor of new parking garages for some sort of public use other than just parking.

Milroy said he already has his first wholesale company lined up for one of the buildings: Boston Sword & Tuna, which is looking for more space than it has in its current building on Seafood Way. Milroy writes that the buildings, when completed, would be owned by the companies occupying them.

The buildings on the 6.5-acre site, he writes, would range in height from 30 to 44 feet.

Letter of intent (571k PDF).

Marine industrial park would get less mariney under city plan.



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Except for one big problem Parking. If the public takes the Silver Line to the fish market the buses will smell of fish instead of stale booze.

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It will scale up well.

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