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How quaint Shelby Scott now seems in this era of multiple camera boxes, wild-eyed, near hysterical anchors and weather reporters, wall to wall coverage when there is nothing new to report, etc. I remember the days when TV news reporting still had some dignity left, but that is long gone. Snow reporting is now simply entertainment and both the newscasters and the viewing public know it. Happy viewing.

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She'll come out to play

If this is as epic as advertised, I'm sure the MEMA people and governor will welcome her at the bunker.

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Shelby don't need no bunker! She is made of sturdier stuff then that, stationed along highways, facing down plows, reporting that yes, like every thinks it is, it is indeed snowing put.

Alas these days she's down in Florida, retired, likely enjoying a round of golf.

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Shelby in Florida

A few years after she retired she did a stand-up on the beach for WBZ as a hurricane approached. It was a hoot to see her in shorts & flip flops rather than parka and boots. We oldsters all miss her.

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