Springfield man shows budding interest in Boston


Potsquatch, Springfield's leafiest mascot, paid a call on the Hub today. Craig Caplan snapped his photo in Downtown Crossing.

Later, Matthew spotted him on the Green Line. No word if he was asking passersby for some money to get back to Springfield in time to see his probation officer, though.




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Sessions doesn't make federal

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Sessions doesn't make federal law - his job is to enforce that law. If the states want legal pot they need their representatives in Congress like Elizabeth Warren et al to pass legislation making pot possession legal on a federal basis. you should address your desires with or without a themed costume to her.

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You should look up who Potsquatch is

Before you lecture about the law, MrMittens. It might enlighten you to know that he probably knows vast shitloads and seshloads more about these issues than you - or I - could ever possibly hope figure out in a lifetime.

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That doesn't change the fact

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That doesn't change the fact that sessions does not create the laws, the legislature does.

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