The attorney general of Pennsylvania has questions, many questions


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I have cracked the case, Mr. Penn AG.
1. Have an owner who makes good decisions.
2. Have a coach who makes good decisions.
3. Have a staff that can make midgame adjustments.
4. Have a team that is deep and smart and does not panic.
5. Have a QB who can read the defense and look off the free safety.

It is amazing to me how many teams for so many years - including the Pats from 1960 to 2001 - can't follow that simple recipe. I am of the opinion that the one area of parity that the NFL does not have control over is the owner. So many teams have owners who are unfit to build a winning organization.

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This shit gets old

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Look, I'm glad the Pats are in the SB, and I'll be rooting for them tomorrow.

But I'm tired of public figures latching on to for-profit sports as a way to boost their own popularity. It's lame, it's fake, it's uninspired. Same goes for the goofy bets.

Why do our politicians degrade themselves by wallowing in this nonsense?


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Because it's funny?

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The attorney general of Pennsylvania definitely has a career in sitcoms waiting for him when he is no longer in law enforcement.

But it sounds like you're definitely a Marty man - he doesn't do this sort of thing anymore.

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Grouch indeed

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They're just trying to have fun with it. Develop a sense of humor, or just tune out for a couple of days and it'll all be over.

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aww shucks. That is cute so

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aww shucks. That is cute so is Maura healy’s Dimple. She looks like she knows what she’s talking about

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