Longtime state rep Rushing could face primary challenge

WGBH reports that Byron Rushing, who has represented the South End and part of Roxbury for roughly forever, could face a challenge in the Democratic primary from Jon Santiago, a Boston Medical Center doctor, who took out papers this week.



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Ideally any and every member of the leadership group in the House will have a primary opponent. I mean, the incumbents will still win but we can at least pretend to have a responsive, elected government then.

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Santiago is an emergency room doctor at BMC, not an EMT. I want to say those are different positions.

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Good, because

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This is great news. Rep Rushing has an impressive resume and seems to mean very well, but his loyalty seems more focused on House Leadership than his constituents. It will be great to have a bit of a challenge. Cheers for Mr Santiago.

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BMC Resident, Class of 2019

Also an army reserve captain and on the Board of Directors at South End Community Health Center.

Quoted in two Globe articles, one covering a rally to preserve affordable care act in Feb of last year, another from Dec 2015, as part of the Committee of Interns and Residents that successfully petitioned Gov. Baker to allow residents to have the same access as fully licensed MDs to the state's Prescription Monitoring Program.



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