Andy Husbands shutting his neighboring restaurants in the South End

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that both Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel on Tremont Street are closing April 1.



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It's never easy to see

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It's never easy to see pioneers who form a neighborhood go away, but I suppose that's the natural cycle of the restaurant industry. Tremont 647 opened in 1996? The South End must've felt like a different planet back then.

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Husbands must be doing well enough with his

two Smoke Shop barbecue restaurants to make this move; wouldn't surprise me if he has plans to further expand that concept.

Per a Globe story today, it looks like Tim Maslow, the former chef/owner of Ribelle (and reinventor of his dad's place Strip-T's), will be taking over that space to do a Japanese restaurant. Both Husbands and Maslow are partners with Brian Lesser, the money / operations guy behind a bunch of chef-owned restaurants in Boston (and some nightclubs).

Tremont 647 was a pioneer in the South End; I looked at that location when it opened and thought, "Brave man." Times sure have changed. I had a lot of great meals and drinks there over the years, will miss it.

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Fare thee well ..

Many a great night at these two bars, were our favorites during (and before) our time in the South End Food was fine, the bar scene even better.

Glad to now live near a Smoke Shop!

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