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Woman shot in Roxbury; child hit by shattering glass

At Cedar and Washington streets, around 9:50 p.m. Injuries not considered life threatening.

UPDATE: Suspect arrested.



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What's Marty's plan for the up-tick in violence in the city? While I'm here how about the MBTA / Infrastructure issues?

No, it ain't his fault. But, he's our leader of this great city on the hill, so....

What his policy to deal with these issues? How's it been different since his re-election and what's the plan going forward?

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Is Baker's lap dog has no control of the city or state or anything he needs to go back to jogging

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The block of Washington St. immediately to the north has a bunch of houses constructed on a cliff of Roxbury puddingstone that crumbles to the touch after heavy rains. One house painted the puddingstone pink, which seems to have made it somewhat more durable, but there a couple others that are teetering on the brink.


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