Massholes love the snow

Masshole driver can't be bothered with removing snow

Louisa LaSalle spotted this beta Masshole (an alpha wouldn't have bothered at all with the back window) at Comm. Ave. and Chestnut Hill Avenue in Brighton this morning.


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they are out there

While I was shoveling this morning, a snow-covered truck came up the street using that time honored method of speeding up and then braking to force the snow off his roof. I stood there watching and laughing. The driver rolled down his window and gestured; I couldn't see what it was but I assume it was neighborly as he had a smile on his face.

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$20-25 for the deluxe model


Had a less luxe model when I had a minivan and I could clear the roof in a couple of minutes. Gave it to my neighbor for his truck when I didn't need it anymore. They telescope to get to high or far places, retract to fit in your car.

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They couldn't even be

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They couldn't even be bothered closing the drivers door all the way.

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Forget a ticket

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This type of infraction should result in the loss of a license, at least until summer. Clearly someone who thinks this is acceptable should not be allowed behind the wheel of a powered vehicle.

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Should be loss of license

Should be loss of license through summer. If you can't be trusted to use your nice thing when the weather is bad, you definitely can't use it when the weather is nice.

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Massholes don't call other

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Massholes don't call other people from Massachusetts Massholes. They are just plain old assholes. Just like people from Boston never say they are from Beantown. I guess people from the Big Apple will never learn our ways.

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I first heard it used by people born around here, but whatever.

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How do we know it's a

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How do we know it's a Masshole, when the license plate is covered in snow so we don't know what state they're from?

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They certainly hadn't been on any highways.

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