A shoveling resource for those in need

2015 snow shoveling in Jamaica Plain

Shoveling snow in JP in 2015


While this winter has been "mild" compared to the snow that fell in 2015, the snow that has fallen is enough to prevent elderly neighbors, those who have access or functional needs, or those who are dependent on a wheelchair from getting places they need to go.

Imagine not being able to get to work, to the food store or pharmacy, to a doctor's appointment or to the bank to deposit your social security check. For many, when it snows these scenarios become their reality.

If you need help or would like to help, you can ask for or offer assistance to your neighbors by posting on Nextdoor.

If you are not yet familiar with Nextdoor, Nextdoor is the trusted communications platform for your neighborhood that connects every neighbor to what matters most to them locally. Nearly 170,000 or 85% of US neighborhoods are using Nextdoor. In MA, over 90% of neighborhoods are already using Nextdoor. You'll also receive updates from local government agencies and the MA State Police and Emergency Management agency.

While you are out shoveling, please remember to clear a 42-inch-wide pathway on sidewalks, shovel out fire hydrants and handicap parking spots, and please also #ClearCurbCuts.

Here are some other tips:

  • Dress appropriately (layers are good)
  • Shovel slowly
  • Take it one scoop at a time
  • Keep your scoops to three inches or less of snow
  • Take breaks
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Shovel with neighbors (it's much more fun)

Stay warm and thank you for being kind to your neighbors!

Professional Neighbor at Nextdoor


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Off Topic

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But I hope Adam covers that gondola idea floating around (from South Station to Marine Park) because I would love to hear the UHub communities feelings on it.

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It would be a cool touristy thing.....

But not sure if it would make money and that means people will be saying things like "people can't find affordable housing in Boston but we have $ to spend on a fucking gondola?!"

I'm all for it.

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Rodman Street

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Awesome shot of either Scott or Brian throwing snow into Mark and Darcy's yard. Classic Rodman Street action photo!

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I've not used NextDoor myself...

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...but stay away from any neighborhood discussions, as I hear it from friends who have tried that site. Shit gets nasty.

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In Eastie, they keep spamming

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In Eastie, they keep spamming me with stuff going on in Charlestown and Somerville. Don't care! Not relevant to me! They don't care -- they'll just bombard you with the nearest activity when nothing is actually happening in your own neighborhood, because god forbid you only get notifications that are relevant, instead of directing everything to your spam folder and thus missing the tiny minority of postings that actually have something to do with your area.

Garbage app from garbage people.

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Change your settings

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You can change your settings so that you see postings for just your neighborhood. You can further change your settings so that you get email alerts from just your neighborhood, your neighborhood + nearby neighborhoods, or no emails at all.

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Just don't dive in head first

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Nextdoor is not bad. My son has booked several lawn mowing clients through there and I was able to borrow some folding tables for my yard sale. The complex part, which not everyone gets, is that, unlike many online "communities" these people actually live near you. As such, people need to treat everyone else differently (i.e. more respectfully) than if you are just some semi-anonymous poster on a random chat "hub".

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I've gotten several solid

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I've gotten several solid recommendations for local tradespeople from Nextdoor - way better than trusting strangers on Angies List or picking out of a phonebook.

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Direct Deposit

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But, seriously, folks... if you have a bank account and you still get a government check mailed to you, something's wrong. The SSA has had direct deposit since the 1970s and it's required for new enrollments since 2013. The Army direct deposited my checks back in the 1980s with no real issues. Even then, only the Luddites didn't have direct deposit set up.

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