Roslindale restaurant loses right to play music after repeated complaints from neighbors

The Mayor's Office of Consumer Affairs and Licensing yesterday took away the entertainment license for Guira y Tambora, 4014 Washington St. after another hearing over complaints about noise and unruly patrons.

At a hearing yesterday, BPD Sgt. Det. Robert Mulvey testified that, in response to a 911 call, he and his partner arrived at the restaurant shortly before 11 p.m. to find "loud music emanating from the establishment." Inside, they found a DJ in a back room, even though the restaurant did not have a license for a DJ.

A nearby resident recited her and other residents' complaints about repeated loud music and unruly patrons lingering outside at closing time. An aide to City Councilor Tim McCarthy (Roslindale, Hyde Park, Mattapan) testified his office has received numerous complaints as well.

Last October, owner Felipe Duran, who lives just three blocks away, pledged to take steps to curb noise, including paying for installation of sound-resistant windows and a new entrance vestibule.

But in her decision, licensing head Christine Pulgini said enough's enough and ordered the restaurant to end both live and recorded music immediately.



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The hills are alive with the sound of

Roslindale restaurant loses right to play music

My great grandpappy used to tell me, "Playing music in the gentrified promised land of today's Millennial enclaves is a PRIVILEGE, not a dang right. If you want the right to play music, you should have been born a restaurant!".

My great grandpappy was always saying stuff.

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Doesn't this place have

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Doesn't this place have outdoor seating? If so, lets see if their neighbors complain come nice weather time in the summer when ppl have their windows opened.

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It's clear

You have no idea where this is or what the issues are so maybe go back to the Herald?

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Those were the days

You have no idea where this is

I used to work at Ashmont.

Of course, rents have skyrocketed since then. Lots of thirty-something doofus types wearing shitty eyeglasses walking around with yoga mats nowadays.

I would pay money to have no idea where this is now.

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nowhere near ashmont.

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5 blocks away.

The buildings are 1800 feet apart.

Is your reasoning because Ashmont is in business Heaven?

If you were familiar with the neighborhood, you might know the history of the neighborhood.

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You're going over people's heads

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With your first comment, I was about to tear you one because you seemed to be griping about the neighbors. They I read the comment again and chuckled. It was subtle, but very funny.

Then, you reference Ashmont. You have to remember that there are a lot of people who don't remember when Ashmont Discount was next to Dunkin Donuts. Or when it closed. Or when a chain pharmacy wanted to open there and were shut down by Menino himself, who gloated about it in his memoirs. Or when the Ashmont building was left vacant for a decade while residents fought every proposal until Staples finally got the nod.

On a related note, isn't it great that a CVS Pharmacy opened in that exact location yesterday. I can't wait to visit Menino's grave and do a little jig about this development.

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Target opened yesterday, not

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Target opened yesterday, not CVS .
People have been complaining for a very long time about the noise from this place. The owner was not responsive.

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Well ...

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The new Target has a mini-CVS inside.

Will it hurt Sullivan's? Maybe not, not like the original drugstore proposal for the old Ashmont place, because Sullivan's has had to adapt to a world in which a lot of people have to get their prescriptions filled at CVS because their insurers require it. But try getting a breast pump or other specialized medical equipment at a CVS. Then you'll head to Sullivan's.

Unlike other Targets, though, it doesn't have a Starbucks built in. That was one of the conditions of its lease with the guy who owns the building - and the Dunk's next door.

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Paths Crossed, Staples wasn't the load one.

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The place that made a lot of noise is the original restaurant that the story is about. Staples made next to no noise, I'm sure. It was so quiet that they had to go out of business.

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Thank goodness for justice

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My husband and I live on Whipple Avenue near this place for over 5 years. It has been a nightmare with the loud music and the patrons who are unruly. One of patrons was drunk and her car hit the fence of ours. She was confronted but never paid for the damage. This has been going on long enough and finally some good news to see that this place will be paying the piper. Good riddance.

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