Green Line trolley has a problem up top; Green Line service comes to a stop

There's an outbound D trolley with a wire problem gumming up the works at Boylston. Boston firefighters went into the tunnel to help evacuate passengers.

The T has resorted to urging riders to get on the Orange Line for downtown stops.



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Fire trucks aplenty!

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There were a slew of fire trucks outside the Boylston stop a few minutes ago (and I think they are still there). There were also four helicopters parked over the Common...not sure if they are there for the Green line issue or something else. Anyone know?

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Might be there for the noon student march for gun control on the State House.

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Makes sense.

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That makes sense. Helicopters aren’t much use for an underground issue, after all. They are still there as of noon.

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The news helicopters were

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The news helicopters were hanging out before the Green Line shit the bed. They were there for the student walkout that started at 10 AM.

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Comm Ave

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The power car was out doing line checks around 10:30am on Comm. Ave.


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