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It's the last straw for Kenmore Square restaurant

NBC Boston reports Eastern Standard has given up plastic straws to help the environment.



Let it be known, that as of today, as of this post, I am taking the instances of any of you bozos calling me grandpa, dinosaur, relic, throwback, etc, as a badge of pride and honor.

Dennis Leary's Big Mac/Cigar rant just got a little longer today... as it has for decades now.

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This might help you not dribble all over your shirt. Bring it along and ask them to mix your drink in it:

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just not single-use ones. Frankly, I think a great first step would be restaurants not handing people straws in the first place, and only providing them when specifically asked. But reusable straws are great too!

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Goes a long way on social media. Good on ya Eastern Standard

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So how will a physically disabled or disfigured person be accommodated which can't drink from a glass without a straw?

Why couldn't the restaurant have switched to biodegradable straws?

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They have metal straws for some cocktails and polypropylene straws for everything else. The polypropylene straws look similar to the disposable clear ones, but are recyclable and dishwasher safe.

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Am I the only person old enough to remember waxed paper straws?? They weren't very sturdy, and certainly didn't last long...only about as long as the ice in your drink on a hot day, but they were a thing.

They would be a reasonable alternative to disposable plastic for single-use, although obviously not ideal.

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This headline first made me say"Nooooo, the last straw?? Meaning they're closing their doors for good??" Whew. Then I read the article.

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I as well had this concern. and am thankful.

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Cutting costs to support the bottom line. Like when hotels ask you to reuse your towel. Which is fine, but let's not pretend they should be sainted for this silliness.


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...so pricey right now. How can a business like Eastern Standard survive in this straw market?

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StrawMan argument!

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