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Too many progressives in the race for Suffolk DA?

Four of the five people currently running for Suffolk County District Attorney this year support the criminal-reform legislation that just passed the state senate unanimously and which was opposed by just five Republicans in the house. That could be enough vote splitting to elect the one candidate who opposed the proposal, David Bernstein writes.


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I think it's terrific that so many candidates for this important position support criminal justice reform. I think a clear progressive front-runner will emerge from the pack. Perhaps Carvalho or McAuliffe. I'm looking forward to the ALCU candidate forum in June in Roxbury.

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The reality is that this race is more about getting your name out there. As of now, I would put Carvalho as the front runner, it being early of course, but his name is best known. Beyond that, it will be an endorsement race. Who will get the big names and organizations to go along with them?

Besides, the criminal reform bill is pretty popular. Even the Republicans in the General Court voted for it. It was common sense stuff that should be applauded.

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For those of us who cannot make it to this event, perhaps Adam can possibly fill us in?


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Agree we need criminal justice reform. Even R's in some states are for it.

At some point, I hope these prospective DAs also remember theyll need to prosecute some of the actual criminals.

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