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New apartments, restaurant approved for Dot Ave. at East Cottage

Dorchester Avenue and East Cottage Street building

The Board of Appeals today approved a developer's proposal to replace the Tom English Bar and the Dorchester Market with a five-story apartment complex - with room for the market, but not the bar, to move back into.

Adam Sarbaugh wants to build 38 apartments - 5 rented as affordable - 26 parking spaces and room for both the market and a new restaurant. Sarbaugh's attorney, Joe Hanley, told the board Sarbaugh would be seeking a "neighborhood restaurant" operator for the building, one more focused on food than Tom English's is.

The BPDA board approved the proposal earlier this month.

Small-project review application (11.8M PDF).

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definitely could put more apts there

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It looks great - nice streetscape, proportions, etc. Definitely inviting and welcoming.

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The two sides of Dot Ave at this and nearby intersections always seemed disconnected to me. While I prefer lower buildings perhaps a structure this size can help reduce the sense of disconnectedness from the rest of the area by putting more residences on the corner.

The renovation of the building across the street didn't help though since it focuses life outside the building on the Crescent Street courtyard. The former optics building puts parking in front of the building creating a dead zone of asphalt what faces the sidewalk.

The smaller shops are great if you're in the Vietnamese community. But I never felt any sense of connection when patronizing the shops; probably because I am no Vietnamese and so was always a stranger. Although that may be how Vietnamese folks feel when shopping in a store where they don't understand the language.

It's a nice neighborhood to live in; could be better if what feels like two neighborhoods of the two sides of Dot Ave. were better pulled together by the businesses on Dot Ave.

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Happy to see this. Will be great to have a new restaurant here and some modern housing. Developer is a good guy as well.

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