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MS-13 member admits he helped kill Chelsea teen in East Boston


Edwin "Demente" Diaz, 20, pleaded guilty today to being one of the MS-13 members who repeatedly stabbed a suspected member of a rival gang on Falcon Street in East Boston - as other members were shooting him - in January, 2016.

Diaz, a full member of MS-13's Wester's "clique," was captured on tape admitting to stabbing Cristofer Perez de la Cruz, 16, of Chelsea because they suspected him of being a member of the rival 18th Street gang.

The US Attorney's office reports that should a judge accept Diaz's plea deal, he will be sentenced to 35 years in federal prison. A judge in US District Court in Boston set sentencing for Aug. 20.

Diaz, a Salvadoran national, faces deportation after he completes his sentence.

Diaz was one of 61 alleged MS-13 members arrested in raids in 2016. He is the 45th person to either plead or be found guilty.


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Of the children that was seeking a better life in the good old USA

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Normally, murder is prosecuted by the county or state.

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