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Some people don't like the T; it's not reliable, you see

No more room at Kendall station on the Red Line

Around 5:45, Kendall inbound was so packed nobody else could get on the platform, johnmcboston reports.

The Red Line was hosed at rush hour due to an inbound train that breathed its last just outside Harvard Square. The T eventually dug a deep enough hole to bury it in and got it off the tracks, but there are still delays.

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The amount of self-entitlement people display when talking about public transit is ridiculous. Don’t like it? Get a bike. Or a car. Or a horse and buggy. Walk. Better yet, thank those who have blessed Beacon Hill with their mediocrity over the last three decades. Funny how those who *really* created today’s T skip through life with a pension after a term or two in office and top shelf health insurance on the public’s dime yet the vast majority of those who cry about the T instead vent about the poor shmuck driving the bus. Idiots.

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I bike, but if I was paying for a monthly pass, I'd be pretty annoyed if I had to deal with the unreliability of the T.

I don't think it's self-entitled to expect that one of the richest countries in the world should have transit networks on par with - and definitely not worse than - significantly less wealthy countries like Thailand or Colombia. Just two examples, but I can tell you from personal experience that Bangkok and Medellin both have clean, efficient, reliable, and very affordable systems that make the T look like a slow, expensive joke.

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Why didn't we think of that sooner?

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Adam didn't say a word about "the poor schmuck who's driving the bus." If wanting to be able to get onto the platform to wait for standing room on a subway train is "self-entitlement," anyone who wants to be able to drive on the public roads is also being "self-entitled."

It's not as though driving around here at rush hour is a smooth experience either. Most of the bus delays the MBTA notifies me of are due to traffic, usually in the same places at the same times on weekdays.

Shall we blame the long-dead people who laid out Boston, Somerville, and Cambridge without planning for lots of cars, or are you going to tell all the drivers on Mass Ave in Arlington and Cambridge to take a bus or train instead, because a full or even half-full bus takes up less space than thirty single-passenger cars?

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both of the following statements to be true:

1) State legislators over the past several decades are indeed to blame, and should get more heat from the public.

2) People deserve better transit service in Boston, particularly when people are paying fares, sales taxes, and income taxes into the system.

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Well, Sammy, some folks do ride bikes and/or drive. Some folks can't walk any distance (but I'm sure you have a judgemental tirade ready for them, no?)

And those "poor schmucks" who, aside from having to deal with folks like yourself, seem to be attacked on a regular basis by angry/mentally disturbed folks, really have nothing to do with your previous sentence.

So, as someone who walks ('cause I am able) and also takes the Red Line on a daily basis, I say screw you.

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I can't imagine a thorough analysis of T reliability without discussing whatabout dogs driving.

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