No Keytar Bear this summer

Boston Magazine reports Keytar Bear is out of commission for the next couple of months due to a broken ankle and foot suffered in a motorcycle accident - he hit a patch of sand left over from the winter on Rte. 146 (which runs between Worcester and Providence) and spun out.



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Its a tough time of year to ride. Despite the good weather.. we encounter an excess of winter potholes, sand from winter, drivers (even more) not looking out for us and of course shaking off the rust from being dormant all winter.

Good Cleaning

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Maybe this will give him a chance to get that costume a good dry cleaning. It's looking rather sad these days.

Make sure to take a motorcycle safety class!

And wear proper motorcycle gear including boots that go above your ankle.

I highly recommend taking a MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course that the State of Massachusetts regulates. If you take the 2 day course you don't need to take the licensing exam from the State and you get 10 percent off your insurance.

Best of all it sets you up for a lifetime of enjoyment on 2 wheels!


Guy's lucky.

I was going to say something about the 'sympathy factor' of playing in a bear ankle cast, but I guess he smashed up his hand, too. (FTA)
Take your time, heal right. Then get your bear ass back to work.

Should have gone Deadmaus

Who, allegedly, has other people put on his costume to play events sometimes - after all, how do you know who is in the bear costume?

Good Bear Bad Night

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Maybe the Boston Bruins could buy him a new uniform!!! Hes been looking kinda rough lately!!!

Not sure

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why this local phenom garners comments like "poor bastard" and get your bear ass back to work, although I recognize those remarks are made in good will, they sound more like the kind of remarks that ought to be directed at an elected official...not someone promoting whimsy and levity and musicianship and generally making Boston a much better feeling place to be

but wtf do i know


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but wtf do i know

Indeed, you don't know as much as you think you do about other people's motives. Maybe just let it go.

Considering how often he gets

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Considering how often he gets attacked, I wouldn't go out there at anything less than 100% health either if I was him.


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Get Well Soon, Keytar!