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Another MS-13 member pleads guilty to role in stabbing and shooting murder of teen in East Boston


Jairo "Seco" Perez, today admitted he was one of several MS-13 members who repeatedly stabbed and sliced Cristofer Perez de la Cruz on Falcon Street in East Boston on Jan. 10, 2016 - along with other members who repeatedly shot the 16-year-old.

Perez's plea deal with federal prosecutors will send him to federal prison for 35 years, after which he will be subject to possible deportation to his native El Salvador, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports. His formal sentencing was set for Sept. 11.

Perez, who buried knives used in the attack at Deer Island, was arrested a few days after the Chelsea teen's death. The orgy of violence in which he died was aimed at both his alleged membership in the rival 18th Street Gang and as a way for MS-13 members to move up in the organization by murdering somebody.

Perez, 27 and a member of MS-13's Trece Loco Salvatrucha "clique" or sub-gang, is the third MS-13 member to plead guilty to RICO violations related to the teen's death. Edward Diaz also pleaded guilty to being one of his stabbers, while Jose Vasquez admitted to helping to bury a machete and knife used in the attack.

He is also the 48th of 61 people arrested in raids in 2016 to plead or be found guilty of RICO violations in connection with MS-13.


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Hopefully he learns during his prison sentence that type of violence will not be tolerated. And takes advantage of the educational system in there so he can make healthier choices in the future

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He's 27.

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Dr Phil

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MS-13 is a disgusting group of sub humans. They seem to proudly plead guilty. They need to go.

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why not save the taxpayer's money and just do it now?

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