Somebody in East Boston figures out what to do about rogue rental bikes

Rental bike in the water off East Boston

Or maybe LimeBike is offering underwater tours. In any case, Steve Holt noticed one of the rental bikes sleeping with the fishes in the water off the Harborwalk in East Boston near the East Pier development. Unlike Blue Bikes, these green-and-yellow bikes from north of town are "dockless," which means people are supposed to just leave them wherever they want.



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Is this the way to the Octopus Garden?

We would be warm below the storm
In our little hideaway beneath the waves
Resting our head on the sea bed
In an octopus' garden near a cave
We would sing and dance around
Because we know we can't be found
I'd like to be under the sea
In an octopus' garden in the shade


This shows that yuppys are

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This shows that yuppys are not wanted in East Boston, someone out there does not like the idea of neighborhood improvements or gentrification or turning Eastie into another Cambridge.


No it doesn't

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The bikes aren't from Boston, they're from places like Malden, so it's more likely somebody just get fed up seeing them littering up the street. Or it could just be your run-of-the-mill doofus who saw a bike not locked to anything and felt like practicing his tossing.


Saw a bunch of the Lime Bikes

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Saw a bunch of the Lime Bikes in Winthrop today (apparently they launched there in June), which should explain why so many are showing up in Eastie.

Mass deployment in E Watertown

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About 10 days ago there was a mass deployment in Coolledge Sq on all 4 corners of the intersection of Mt Auburn St and Arlington St. And I did a data project on BlueBikes/Hubway, people do use them as a general conveyance with service peaks in the morning and evening-- the largest traffic coming from and going to South Station, so no, precious Eastie isn't being invaded by "yuppies".

False. It shows that

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False. It shows that bikeshares are for yuppies AND guppies! (get it!? because it's in the water?!)


It doesn't need a dock when

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It doesn't need a dock when it's its own anchor! That's a little boat-bike humor for you.



I'm sure the poor oil executives and power plant investors are just horrified by them! After all, it isn't enough to use the town power and light company to completely prevent solar panels in the town's boundaries!

They already did enough for the environment when they were finally forced to agree to clean up all the shit they were dumping into Alewife Brook!



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Solar panels are not prohibited in Belmont.


It's not unmitigated evil

The town power and light company is municipally owned and has historically delivered a better rate structure in Belmont than national grid / keyspan / NStar / whatever has offered to the surrounding municipalities.

This is the first I've heard of the power company blocking solar in Belmont. Can you give me some more info?



Squelching by "adjusting" the rate structure

Friend of the Koch Brothers took over the system and went right for their favored "rate plan" bullshit to screw existing users and squelch future ones:

Under Phase 3, Belmont Light would buy all solar power generated by customers at a wholesale rate, and would charge them for all power used — including electricity generated by their own panels — at the retail rate.


Yeah, that was bullshit

I was pretty astounded that they were able to propose that with a straight face; my understanding was that the ridiculous Phase 3 proposal got duly shot down, did it not?

As for buying at wholesale (the "phase 2 proposal", that seems perfectly reasonable. It's unsustainable for the town to be required to buy power I generate at the same price the utility sells it to my neighbors; under that scheme how would they pay for their capital plant or operations.


which is a proposal that

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which is a proposal that never went anywhere. Belmont's solar metering policy is still very favorable.

Slime Lime

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Now it's really Slime Lime.


Nice one, only a matter of

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Nice one, only a matter of time.

“Within a short period of time, it was scanned and ridden away by a local youth,” the post said.

Only to be eaten by a hawk dumped in another body of water moments later

You mean

Every CAR off the road.

Every year in this area, drivers of cars KILL several pedestrians. Meanwhile, you have to look through years and years of data to find any equivalent number of pedestrian deaths from bikes.

Let's stick with facts when planning cities and making statements like yours, toots.



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You mean every BIKE off the road.

Sure, some motorists will kill ya, but that's rare. Most motorists are law-abiding, and some are even courteous.

Whereas all cyclists are self-entitled and self-centered, with no regard for laws or other people. Never been hit by a car; have been hit by a bike.


Statistics, Please

If you had been hit by a car, you probably wouldn't be here.

Please cite statistics demonstrating the harms that you claim exist, or stfu.

Also, citations are also needed for your assumptions that "drivers follow laws but cyclists don't", as every actual citation and study that I've seen acknowledges that they offend at equal rates (but one group kills a lot more people).

Get cracking!


Can I just say two things here?

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1) The person you responded to may or may not be an idiot, but they have certainly offered an idiotic comment.

2) Today I was on foot in the Back Bay. At the corner of Commonwealth, I waited for the pedestrian light to go on so I could cross Mass. Ave. After the pedestrian light came on and I was attempting to cross, no fewer than three cyclists ran through the red light across my path at full speed. Then, once I had managed to make it across the street, I was nearly clobbered by a delivery cyclist riding on the sidewalk.

Four close calls in less than 30 seconds.

Let's stop pretending that just because cars cause more damage than bicycles that means cyclists are saints. Boston streets are a three-way war of carelessness and cluelessness, and I'm sick of people picking teams.



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I'm not convinced the entire concept of these bikes is a workable one. Or a desirable one, for that matter. Using one and then leaving it strewn just anywhere. It seems rather random.


[venkman] Everything was fine...

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...until the sidewalk was clogged by dockless here.

[mayor] Is this true?

[venkman] Yes, sir, it’s true. This bike has no dock.

Unrelatedly, I now find myself imagining tiny divers exploring limebikewrecks.


Hubways get tossed in, too

My husband spotted one during a super low tide in the Gillette end of the channel - the amount of crustacean encrustation indicated that it had been missing for some time.

Why would someone go that far

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Why would someone go that far to be evil? To be so angry at nothing and throw something that is not yours into the water is sick.


Every time I scroll past this

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Every time I scroll past this photo it gives me a chuckle! On a side note, the colors and the soft focus make for an oddly beautiful photo.

I don't understand

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why cities who have been innundated overnight by these various dockless vehicles don't drive around impounding them, and then tell the company they have to pay all the fees to get them out.

So the city makes money off the impound fees or the sale of the vehicles at police auction, but they get the stupid dockless vehicles out of the way.



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Give me a break. Bicycles parked on sidewalks, big deal.