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Man sliced in hand with machete in Downtown Crossing

Police found a man on Tremont Street at Park Street with fresh slice wounds to the hand he said were inflected by another man armed with a machete, around 9:35 p.m., possibly on Temple Place.



Not to be that person, but just curious on the use of inflected re: the machete.

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"It was just a movie, people. Just make believe, ya know?"

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...his story is that it was done by somebody else. I submit that he did it himself because he was holding the machete...poorly.

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This is why Boston has a ban on knives longer than 2.5".

Enforcement is of course dubious at best.

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Thats a knife!

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That area can be mega sketchy and especially so at night. Good to know that people are packing jungle swords.

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There have been reports of a guy/guys who are hanging out in the methadone mile with a machete as well...just wielding it around apparent to folks driving by.

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Ah, Downtown Crossing - the Hub of the Hub! Here's my idea - we'll block off all car access, and turn it into a pedestrian paradise! It will be just like those European cities, where lovers walk hand in hand.

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