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Too many progressives in Suffolk County DA's race

CommonWealth takes a look at the race for the Democratic nomination for Suffolk County District Attorney - and efforts by some in the black community to get some of the candidates to drop out, which is leading to the same sort of backlash that happened with a similar effort in the crowded race for mayor in 2013.

The primary is Sept. 4.


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This happens every time there is a race that is wide open. While I think rank voting could work, it gets very confusing for the average voter. What we need to do is eliminate party primaries. If the Democratic Party or Republican party wants to endorse a candidate they can do it at their conventions (like they already do for state wide races.) The primary should be an open primary where anybody running is all put in the same mix and the top 2 vote getters move on to the general.

Granted that already happens at the city level and clearly does not always get the outcome everyone wants but you can not please everyone. Not all minority candidates run because they believe the seat should be filled by a minority. The LGBTQ community has already seen some fracturing of their coalition, as can be seen in some local races. These candidates clearly think they are the best person for the position and not just that the position should be filled by a person of X back ground. If leaders from different groups want to hold sway they are going to have to come up with the better way, which most likely is money. They also need to come into negotiations without blasting out who they think should be the anointed one. Why would I as a candidate even want to have a dialogue with you if the conversation starts "so yeah um, we think you better leave the field."

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tying primaries to political parties. Put all candidates on a single ballot. This has the side benefit of encouraging more people - especially independent voters - to vote in primary elections.

And the candidates who go on to the general election should be determined soley by primary results, and not some arbitrary selection process at a closed door "convention".

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Wanting someone to be elected based on the color of their skin doesn't seem very progressive.
Why anyone takes Wilkerson seriously is beyond me, she has no shame and people who align with her confuse me.

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"The system is corrupt and rigged against political outsiders and it needs to end"

Oh - wait a minute - that was Linda Champion...

In any case - as someone else said - who gives a damn about the color of their skin?

This is not a legislative position. Who will be best at enforcing the law - FAIRLY?

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Guess it sounds better than the Wilkerson Crime Family

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