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Citizen complaint of the day: If you're missing your exhaust system, it's on Ada Street in Roslindale

Exhaust pipes on Ada Street in Roslindale

A concerned citizen files a 311 report:

Looks like someone tried to drive over the high man hole cover in the middle of the road and parts of their car's undercarriage were ripped off.

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is not part of the undercarriage, a term which refers only to components that provide structural support.

I must say that's a very tidy bit of evisceration. It's like there's some kind of Jack the Car-Ripper prowling under the streets.

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You can get more than a few dollars for those catalytic converters from a scrap yard.

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Those are resonators, not cats. No sign of O2 sensors, too big, and too far back to get sufficiently hot.

Additionally, it looks quite old and worn out. There are spots where it looks like it was already rusted through. Whoever lost it probably decided it wasn't worth the effort to retrieve.

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These street workers are morons they put ever single sewer in the middle of the lane or exactly where your tire rides the road so you hit every one every time

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Look at the photo again. It's obviously of a road getting ready for repaving. You need to take those a bit more slowly than warp speed.

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If they can't go in the middle of the lane, or where your tires go, where is left?

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The street workers are the morons? They'll tell you they're just doing what the engineers tell them via drawings and specs.

But the reality for placing the manhole covers - the access panel, as it were - in the middle of the street or to one side, under your delicate car's tire with associated shocks, is so that when workers have to access the utilities underground they only block one lane, allowing for the majority of traffic (I include 2 and 4 wheelers in traffic) to continue moving. But hey, your comfort with your car is more important.

It's not the location that the issue, it's the detail for the connection of the asphalt to the manhole cover structure. And the design to take into consideration the amount and weights of vehicles traveling over it. Further, the City and MassDOT have standard details that may need to be looked at as well as heightened oversight of the contractors performing the work.

But yeah, those street workers. They're complete morons. /s

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some are square.

but I found this for you since you are too lazy to google:

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The high price of low-profile tires.

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