Ghost scooters haunt Cambridge

WBUR reports that alleged scooters continue to show up on the Bird app for Cambridge users, but when they get to where the wheelieboards are supposed to be, they're nowhere to be found. WBUR reports Bird would not say if there's a technical glitch or the company is just thumbing its nose at the city, which banned them.


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Nice job, Bird

Make people think your service is bogus by providing false information.

Irrespective of what Cambridge does, there's no upside to Brid providing inaccurate results.

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If you just walk, instead of using these stupid, borrowed vehicles, you can play Pokemon Go.

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I'm seeing more people

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I'm seeing more people driving these motor scooters in bike lanes in boston. I guess people figure why pedal if a motor can do all of the work for me.

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I wonder

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If it's something more simple, like scooters that are powered down keep their last-reported location on the map, so they can be found even if the battery has fully died, they've been shut off by law enforcement, or they've been vandalized into non-functional.

Never ascribe to malice what you can ascribe to technogical shortcomings.

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Not banned, just regulated

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Just to be clear, no one has "banned" the scooters. The city just said they need to register to do business like everyone else.

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Jut wait till winter

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Will the vendors pull these devices from the streets, or will they let them spend the season in a snowbank? Hopefully the plowmen don’t do too much damage pushing around piles of snow, bikes, and scooters.

Although I’m sure these companies have considered this.

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They'll probably just leave

They'll probably just leave them in the middle of a 12-inch wide strip of partially-cleared sidewalk.

Will the vendors pull these devices from the streets, or will they let them spend the season in a snowbank?

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From my vantage point in

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From my vantage point in Kendal I do still see people using them. So it may be that they are there, just horded in some way.

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