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Republican Senate candidate says Warren bigger threat to US than Russia

The Herald reports that Geoff Diehl made the assertion during a debate with two other candidates who will also not be our next US senator, doubled down in the face of skepticism from both a moderator and his rivals, then, possibly realizing what that made him sound like, said he was just joshing.



Poor little guy is fighting against utter obscurity here - he sooooo wants to be the next Joe Malone, but Joe Malone was an affable doof, not a fascist, and the guys he ran against had a stench around them that Warren does not.

61 percent said they had "never heard" of Lindstrom. About 59 percent, in turn, said they did not know of Diehl, the poll found.

Diehl seems to be motivated by wanting a piece of that sweet sweet Rovian KoolAid that Senator Redtruck Barncoat tasted, as a way of moving out of the political sticks without stooping to represent the larger population of MA.

Warren has been running +30 to +35 for the entire election cycle, and has 60+% approval ratings. http://www.wbur.org/news/2018/06/01/wbur-poll-baker-warren-may

I hope his local district turns him out at the next opportunity.

quote source: https://www.masslive.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/06/poll_elizabeth_warre...

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Sure she gets publicity, but I wish Senator Warren would do stuff for MA residents. She's trying to help Puerto Rico and even visited there, how about taking a trip to Webster to visit and get damage relief for those affected by the tornado, they're her actual voters. Those people are dirt poor too.

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I actually probably agree with her on a lot of stuff - especially legalized criminality in the financial services industry.

However, she's not in it for us. She's in it for herself - always has been. Always will be. Plus - as an extreme liberal she's not going to get much done in Washington for us or anyone else.

Sadly, I don't think the R's are putting up any kind of a fight any more in Mass other than the Governor's slot.

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You know she has been holding town halls, right?

Why don't you ask her?

In the meantime, pay more attention to her website and actual news media.

FYI: Fighting for livable conditions and a working power grid restored in Puerto RIco DIRECTLY AFFECTS MASSACHUSETTS.

The United States is a connected place and you need to understand that better. Working to keep climate refugees IN PUERTO RICO helps us because they don't end up stressing our systems when plane loads of kids and elders are sent here. Literal plane loads of people turned up wherever there are extant Puerto Rican communities - they are citizens, you know - and stressed out systems in our most vulnerable places. Holyoke. Lawrence. Chelsea. etc. Without federal funds, this climate migration caused by Trump's racism and hate was supported by state resources.

Note that planeloads of Californians would have a similar effect.

I have seen such a plane load land at Logan - unscheduled flight, adjacent gate to my flight. Elders in wheelchairs holding 2-3 babies, surrounded by school age kids, met by family intent on keeping them all safe and healthy because they were left to rot and die by the current Federal regime.

She was working with Governor Baker on this, too, because the needed actions to support the influx were falling in his lap.

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I have a good friend who's a teacher in the Holyoke public schools. They did a truly heroic job handling the influx of students from Puerto Rico last fall. I appreciate the work that Senator Warren is doing to try to help the people of Puerto Rico remain where they want to, but currently can't, so they're coming here.

And as for the town halls, please show me a politician who's doing more to get out and listen to their constituents. She has these all over the state. If you haven't taken advantage of this, why is that?

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The power is back. https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/07/us/puerto-rico-maria-power-restored-wxc-t...

no thanks to corrupt politicians siphoning off recovery money, just as was done in New Orleans...

and FEMA can finally stop paying their motel, food etc. bills.

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Puerto Ricans are Americans and have been since 1898. Treaty of Paris took effect on April 11.

That said if Trump has addressed post-Maria issues on Puerto Rico it's a safe bet far fewer than 1,220,000 Puerto Ricans would have move to the lower 48 by March 2018.

Florida 227,430
Pennsylvania 114,620
Texas 44,204
New York 215,141
Massachusetts 80,399
New Jersey 102,021
Connecticut 68,596
Ohio 32,262
California 41,994
Illinois 45,911

After Maria, a Puerto Rico native believes Florida is poised to become a 'blue state'

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In those match-ups, Shiva Ayyadurai, an independent candidate who previously was in the Republican race, garners 7 or 8 percent of the vote.

You can be sure Shiva will be out registering his outrage in a Whole Foods parking lot this weekend. Presumably by accusing anyone non-white of being a secret Muslim.

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They were 4 of them in front of South Station Monday evening 3 were handing out leaflets saying Elizabeth Warren was a racist, 1 of them was recording everyone who walked near them on his phone. You know, just in case some Tobias Funke lookalike wanted to document an “incident”.

There was Ron Burgundy eyes on fire when I told one of them that Shiva was the racist.

Ah, the crazies. The non violent fringe makes politics fun, until they swing Ohio congressional seats with Putin’s help.

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I told him firmly that it was the third time I had asked him to leave my personal space, shouted loudly GET AWAY FROM ME NOW and reached in my purse for my inhaler (pretend pepper spray).

He jumped back like I had tased him.

Not sure what his point was, other than being a total creep.

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For the free-for-all nihilists, success is all about getting hooked up to the pyramid scheme and grifting onto the evil government in order to loot it for your corporate masters.

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Nor do I like Warren. She hasn’t done a f’n thing for MA except write books and build her wealth.

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Well Warren was a professor at Harvard and Harvard grads/staff are responsible for more disasters in the US over the past century than Russian so maybe Geoff is right?

Harvard Yard has walls and a gate for a reason. Not to keep us out but to keep them in!

Just look at what Harvard MBA's have done Harvard Square. Does America really need more of that?!

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A rational person: "Russia is attacking our democracy and committing cyber warfare against us. Putin is a ruthless dictator and he appears to have control over the president of the united states. Several members of the presidents administration and family have ties with the russians."

A typical republican: "yeah well.....BENGHAZI!!"

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"And don't forget about those E-MAILS either!"

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Podesta! Podesta!

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continues his quest to be the biggest jerk in Massachusetts politics.

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You might start with a simple disagreement and end up where Diehl did.

Seriously, you can disagree with a politician. You can show that the policies you support will help improve the place you hope to represent. But when you go straight to the demonization point, you end up doing something stupid like calling your potential opponent a communist and then claim she is a greater threat to the country than foreign powers that are trying to rule the world.

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Just saying.

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If only Massachusetts had a state fair ...

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