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At least they don't have to worry about vampire turkeys

Wicked Local Brookline reports that around 3:20 p.m. on Aug. 12, a Beacon Street resident called 911 to report "that their apartment smelled like garlic."



Brookline sounds like a real hellhole.

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My personal fav is

Assault and battery on Beacon Street: At 5:31 a.m. a caller reported that at midnight his roommate threw a mayonnaise jar at the back of his head.

Lots of marijuana smoking by teens too

Why cant we get this level of detail in Boston??

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Non-emergency line? Does that work everywhere?

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I would say, "That's all for the best, sir. If it didn't smell like garlic, it would probably smell like you."

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Acetylene gas, used in welding, and extremely flammable and explosive, smells like garlic. But then again, if I were calling 911 about a suspected gas leak, I would probably describe it as "smells like welding gas," not "smells like garlic." And for sure I'd be doing it from my cell phone while standing in the street outside.

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Is there a restaurant in the building?


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"Aggressive Skunk" smells like "garlic in the house" sometimes, too.

Airwick Puttanesca scent!

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I learned two things after reading the link: there are mountain lions in Brookline and some people in that town have such lame lives that they are still calling 911 on people for smoking weed in 2018.

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Were the off leash dogs smoking weed?

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    - dope-smoking teens
    -noisy basketball
    -roommates armed with mayonnaise jars at 5 AM
    -agressive skunks
    -mountain lions
    -creepy guy with mask, aviator glasses, skull head necklace, and American flag pin harassing women

The last is actually kind of disturbing. Perhaps a Republican candidate for something. Hope the mountain lion gets him.

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