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Fire and sprinkler water shut Downtown Crossing food stand

A city health inspector yesterday ordered Bourbon Street Cafe, inside the Corner Mall in Downtown Crossing, shut after a sprinkler went off because of a small fire, contaminating pretty much everything with non-potable water and leaving "grease and water soils on floors."

Bourbon Street Cafe can re-open once it brings in a professional crew to clean up the mess and it passes a re-inspection. In the meantime, it has to throw out all its food.



Too bad...when I miss New Orleans I like to stroll into the food court in downtown crossing for some real Cajun cooking.

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This has to be a joke.

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Places with names like "Bourbon Street" are a staple of mall food courts all over the Northeast, and yet they serve what is clearly (American) Chinese food. What is their deal.

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And they all have a girl/guy handing out samples to lure you in.

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They're in America?

Mickey D's in Japan serves rice balls, a well known California staple.

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I would say its the owners. I found this one in that mall to seem to cater to both crowds. Since both use rice, and its not hard to make some lo mein or some chicken and broccoli, along with the "Louisiana Fare".. its not a stretch.

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I had just finished my last bite of food in the Super 88 food court in Packard's Corner once when a sprinkler head above me failed. The first surge of water that came out was black and stank like hell.

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