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Winter-moth numbers dropping thanks to bug that eats their young from the inside, state says

Wicked Local Roslindale reports UMass pest experts are seeing a decline in the number of pesky winter moths thanks to a longterm program to import flies that kill the moths.

The moths, originally from Europe, have become a common sight in early winter as the males flit about looking for love with females, who just lounge around, wingless, waiting for suitors. About 14 years ago, the state began importing a type of fly that helps control the moths in Europe. The flies lay their eggs on the same leaves munched by winter-moth caterpillars. The eggs then hatch inside the caterpillars and then the fly larvae eat the caterpillars inside out.

State experts say the species of fly involved, Cyzenis albicans, only goes after winter moths, so we don't have to worry about a Chinese needle snake/gorilla situation.

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I only clicked this link to make a Chinese needle snake joke. You've truly embiggened your coverage with that cromulent reference.

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These were really bad a couple of years ago. Leafless trees and frass everywhere.

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In my area, the oak trees in particular got hammered and have dead branches
where the leaves got totally chewed for the past several years.

I noticed back in November that the moth population seemed to be very small
and took a chance and decided not to have several apple trees sprayed in the spring. It paid off because they (the apple trees) were virtually untouched. Ditto with the oak trees and the sugar maples.

Three cheers for scientific research and a successful outcome.

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she swallowed the fly.

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Had-gadya, had-gadya!

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...the parents who have all those moths to feed.

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