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Dot Ave. sushi and ramen place shuts down

The Dorchester Reporter reports the owner of Van Shabu want to concentrate on a couple of suburban restaurants for now.

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Karen's a nice lady who runs a great restaurant. Good luck to her and her husband.

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Yah, except She is leaving the place empty “just in case” their mall food places don’t work out. That’s pretty fucking shitty for the neighborhood. Screw her.

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And she's a savvy businesswoman. She doesn't need to rent it out ASAP so she isn't. Open your own restaurant. Plenty of storefronts left on the Ave.

Good grief.

And more power to her. I bet she owns the building and is going to develop but wisely isn't playing that card.

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“Open your own restaurant” - yah ok, I’ll drop everything and do something I’m completely unqualified to do. That’s the equivalent of “I know you are, but what am I?” Juvenile and adds nothing to the conversation. Do you live in the neighborhood?

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so what exactly is the issue of her maintaining ownership of it? i see nothing wrong here

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