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Auto-body shop, parking lots could be replaced by biotech labs and offices along Western Avenue in Allston

Two developers are telling the BPDA they will shortly file detailed plans to create an biotech and life-sciences R&D park on either side of Western Avenue, at the edge of Harvard's vast Allston holdings, where the university is planning its own large R&D development.

In "a letter of intent," developers Stephen Lynch and Thomas Ragno say they want to create a 4.3-acre biotech park on land now occupied on one side by Stadium Auto Body at 350 Western Ave. and on the other side by some residences, a sub shop and a diner and "surface parking areas used by various construction and industrial operators for diesel truck and supply storage." The stretch also includes the site where the Bus Stop Pub used to be.

The two say they are working with Mugar Enterprises and the DiStefano family, which has owned the land and Stadium Auto Body for more than 50 years.

The proposed redevelopment program is anticipated to be anchored by the construction of approximately 560,000 square feet of office and research and development uses. These uses will be designed to accommodate research companies in the biotechnology and life sciences industry. Hundreds of jobs at a variety of positions will be created.

The proposal will also include 40 housing units, as well as roughly 22,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and restaurant space, the developers say.

250-280 and 305 Western Ave. letter of intent (878k PDF).

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but please, don't take the Breakfast Club!

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Seems like they need to do more BREAKFAST R&D. Please don’t take the Bfast Club from us.

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Oh, that's right .. I broke this story back in June.

I gots the heads up on these things


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should have posted it to archboston first

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What about the very vacant and never-used biotech building a few blocks away at the corner of Lincoln and Everett?

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Apparently because it was never finished - and because of various other shortcomings - it's likely to just be a buy to demolish. It's a horrible location for offices or labs. Maybe apartments there someday? But the turnpike proximity doesn't really help with apartments because anything facing such would have the constant traffic noise and smell.

There are about 10 - 20 adjacent industrial or razed lots next to that building that I am surprised housing hasn't gotten to yet. Most of those are smaller - thus making their purchase, rezone, and rebuild much cheaper of a prospect.

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"Harvard never announced what it planned to do with the Lincoln Street complex. It’s become obvious that the school never had a plan. The building has been in Harvard’s hands, collecting dust, for more than four and a half years. It sat vacant in 2007, when Harvard’s endowment was flush with cash. It was vacant at the recession’s depths. It’s vacant today, as the school is unveiling its latest plan for building out its Allston campus."

This land swap between Harvard and the Skating Club of Boston was rescinded. No reason was ever given.

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I just think it should be an obligatory point of questioning in the review process.

There's a proposal for a large development for a certain type of use in a certain neighborhood.

Given that there's a substantial property (pushed by Tom Finneran, wasn't it?) for the same use in the same neighborhood that has gone years with no activity, someone has to ask (and have answered, for the record), "Why should we believe this new development will do any better than the first one?"

...and if the new one is so intrinsically superior to the first to confirm that the first one is NEVER going to amount to anything, then they should leverage things to change usage or zoning or something for the first one.

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That this is an 8 minute walk from Boston Landing station.

If only there was more service there …

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