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Ronald Druker says Shreve building must go

Warren Residential Group Blog Breaks news on Shreve Building:

Thoughts: That block of Boylston is awful looking the way it is. Retail is just about non-existent and the buildings are becoming dilapidated. Druker owns the building, the people of Back Bay don't. While I believe historic preservation is important for key buildings, buildings like this shouldn't have the right to the same protection. Developers develop to make money. If they aren't allowed some leeway then buildings are going to sit empty and become a rundown eyesore. As long as the plans fit in with the existing neighborhood I believe it's time to put something that will add to the neighborhood on that corner. It's prime Back Bay real estate and should be treated as such.

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Have you seen the peice of crap that they want to put there? That corner is too important for such dreck architecture.

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Well, that's a bit of a circular argument. An owner should be allowed to teat a building because it is empty and unmaintained, even thought it's the same owner that is not maintaining and not renting it out... So by that logic anyone can tear any building down, just leave it empty for a few years???

Druker is no friend to the city, and as a developer, is only interested in his bottom line (no harm for a businessman). But we shouldn't let his desire to make money guide a planning process...

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