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Citizen complaint of the day: Damn dirty seagulls

Seagull and seagull poop atop one of the towers of the Longfellow Bridge

A disgusted citizen files a 311 complaint about the condition of the tops of the newly rebuilt seasoning shakers along the Longfellow Bridge:

Lovely seagull poop on all 4 towers of the beautiful Longfellow bridge.



needs to stfu. seagull shit is magic good luck

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Attention confused citizen, Call Charlie Baker, Not Marty on this.

PS - Not that anything can be done about this, but if you are going to file a lunatic complaint, at least you should know where and who to file it too.

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You are right that it's not a Boston thing, but they could put up those prickly metal spike things that do a nice job of keeping birds off ledges and such.

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Gawd gonna make it rain.

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I've seen plenty of pigeons walk right through those.

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A real estate agent. And move somewhere like Kansas that won't have gulls.

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Paint the bridge white, whitewash, whatever

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Or flip that around, we could also feed the gulls bridge-colored fish. . . I'm just trying to think outside the box. Not really working for me today.

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I know someone here will know.

Would the bird droppings actually damage the structures? Or is this an aesthetic issue?

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So, if left for a long period of time, it could damage the structure.

However, I suspect the next round of rain will wash everything away before that happens.

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Bird poop has a lot of ammonia and salt in it - particularly fish eating bird poop - which combines with rainwater to form compounds that can eat concrete and structural steel (including that inside the shakers).

This was a factor in the bridge collapse in Minnesota.


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on the I-35W bridge that could be attributed to bird guano was detected on recovered portions of the structure after the collapse, the NTSB determined that neither the corrosion nor the paint loss were factors in the collapse. Rather, the collapse was attributed to failure to do proper load analysis before undertaking both the construction work underway at the time and prior construction work, the failure of MNDot to take adequate remedial action to address defeciencies - including bowing gusset plates - identified in a 2003 inspection report, and the placement of heavy construction materials on the bridge itself without proper analysis beforehand.

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Steel if figured, but I was spacing on concrete corrosion.

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