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State rep candidate knows what families of weekend murder victims going through; to open office to them and community tonight

Liz Miranda, who likely will be the next state rep from the 5th Suffolk district (Dorchester and Roxbury) is opening her campaign office at 246 Bowdoin St. tonight as a place for people to grieve and figure out what to do following the five murders since Friday.

In August, 2017, Miranda's brother, Michael, 28 and a father of two, was shot to death in the Theater District.

Miranda writes:

My brother Michael would have been 30 years old on October 12th. Do you remember your 30th birthday? I do. His loss has been profound to his children, family and friends.

He is not here to celebrate like so many others.

He was murdered 13 months and 18 days ago.

Each time I hear of a death, a shooting, hear sirens, see tape or read a child write RIP on the page of another child I am triggered.

Gun violence impacts us all. No one is immune.

There will always be a constant need for us to heal, talk through and work together to end this cycle. There is no one solution or agency that will impact this community issue. We all must be innovative and inclusive.

Miranda is running against perpetual candidate Althea Garrison to replace Evandro Carvalho in next month's election.



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Perpetual candidate and likely city councilor elect (assuming Pressley wina a seat in Congress).

Just sayin'...

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I appreciate Liz's advocacy for families and excited that she will (likely) be a new state rep.

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