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Man was coming home from food-delivery job when murdered, mother says

WCVB interviews Cynthia Creighton, whose son, Raymond Holloway-Creighton, 26, was shot to death on Massachusetts Avenue early Friday.

He was one of five murder victims in Boston between Friday and Sunday.

Boston Police identified another victim, shot on Emrose Terrace in Dorchester late Friday, as Gabriel Rodriguez, 22, also of Dorchester.



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The violence began early Friday when a man, identified as 26-year-old Raymond Holloway-Creighton of Dorchester, was fatally shot on Massachusetts Avenue in Roxbury.

"He was caring, he was loving. He just liked to have fun," the victim's grieving mother, Cynthia Creighton, said. Cynthia Creighton said her son was preparing to return to the Netherlands in a few weeks to be with his wife and son. "My grandson will be turning one and the day that he asks me what happened to his father, I want to be able to tell him," she said.


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Letter that made all the poverty pimps on the plantation mad
seem to have resonance with lots of headlines.

We ain’t Chicago by any stretch but shit is still way to violent in some areas. I feel awful for the communities that are terrorized by literally a few bad apples.

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