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Two charged as Methadone Mile heroin dealers

Boston Police report arresting two people at Mass. Ave. and Melnea Cass Boulevard early this morning with enough heroin to charge them as heroin dealers.

Police say drug-unit officers patrolling the area because of ongoing complaints about drug activity spotted a man passing an item to another man around 2:30 a.m.:

Officers continued their surveillance of the male who took the item and handed it off to a female. Officers approached the male who appeared to be counting multiple bags containing a brown substance believed to be heroin. At this time, officers attempted to take the male into custody. The male began to throw the plastic bags and continued to struggle with officers. Officers were able to placed the male under arrest. Concurrently, officers observed the female return to the area and attempt to pick up the bags which the male had thrown. Officers then placed the female under arrest. Officers recovered multiple small plastic bags containing substances believed to be heroin and crack cocaine.

Both Rigoberto Villalona, 36, and Crystal Andrade, 35, were charged with possession of Class A drugs with intent to distribute. Villalona was also charged with distribution of Class A drugs, while Andrade was charged with conspiracy to violate drug laws, police say.




i have been seeing increased law enforcement activity in the area, and now i'm happier to see some arrests being made.

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No amount of arrests of drug dealers is going to stop drug dealing.

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Yes. But criminal justice, public health, and drug policies aside, open air drug markets aren't great either.

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No amount of arrests are going to stop murder, rape, child abuse, etc etc. Doesn't mean we should give up and let those criminals walk free.

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Care to share your sources rather than blather right wing loonie news talking points?

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Even though they are breaking the law and ruining people's lives?

Perhaps you'd like it if they set up shop in front of your house. Myself, I believe that supply creates demand, so restricting supply by disrupting the dealing is a good thing.

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Yes. I’m sure locking the small time dope dealer will really change things. Meanwhile, shipments coming in.
We are all too familiar with the war on drugs

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You get the small time dealers to give up their suppliers in return for reduced sentences, and so on up the chain.

But sure, let’s let these people continue to sell poison.

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Arresting and jailing people is NOT the only response possible. There are other responses.

Too bad your tiny Faux Snuz mind can't handle that complexity.

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Will do absolutely nothing to fix anyone's addiction.

Will do nothing to stem demand.

Will open up employment opportunities for some new dealers, though.

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When something is "banned" the end result is more. We currently have a system where the economic incentive controls the market. Futile eradication efforts to control supply increases the economic benefit of entering the market. When Portugal legalized all drugs in 2001 the end result was an 80% reduction in crime. There never was "opioid" crisis when heroin was sold off the shelf. If fact usage has never changed over the last 200 years (see us census surveys from the 1800's). The current system is very profitable to the prison/industrial complex.

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.. did not legalize drugs they decriminalized possession of small amounts for personal use. Drug dealers are arrested and prosecuted in Portugal

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And why is he out already? That is a lot of charges to plea out of...

January 29, 2016 ·
Mr. Rigoberto Villalona, 34, of South Street, Jamaica Plain, was charged with Distribution of Class A (Heroin), Possession of Class A (Heroin) with the Intent to Distribute, Possession of Class B (Cocaine) with the Intent to Distribute, Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws, and School Zone Violation.

And if this is her, why wasn't she getting help? Was she out in bail? No treatment beds?

September 3, 2018
DARTMOUTH - A homeless woman was arrested and faces multiple charges after assaulting paramedics and two Dartmouth Police Officers.

On Saturday afternoon, Dartmouth Police were dispatched to Moby Dick Motel, located on 671 State Road, to assist EMS personnel with the suspected overdoses of a male and female. Dartmouth Police say that while treating the female, who was later identified as 35-year-old Crystal Andrade, she became combative and subsequently assaulted several members of the EMS staff. Andrade then bit two police officers while they were attempting to restrain her.

When Andrade was successfully restrained by police she was arrested and transported to St. Luke's Hospital to be treated and evaluated. Andrade is charged with four counts of assault and battery on ambulance personnel and two counts of assault and battery on a police officer.
The police officers and EMS personnel involved were not seriously injured during the incident. The male accompanying Andrade was revived with Naloxone, also known as Narcan.

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