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The Pru sends a message

Lights in the Prudential tower read Go Sox

Copley Wolf Design Group captures the Pru tonight.


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From the Boston Properties press release:
A team of janitorial and building trade staff work for a collective 140+ hours to illuminate the message into the side of Prudential Tower. Lights are added and windows are covered to make the message as bright as possible. This is especially difficult during weekday games, as the offices behind the message are occupied by global law firm, Ropes & Gray. They have enthusiastically allowed access to ensure the “GO SOX” shines bright for Tuesday’s 8:09pm game start.
• 18 floors of the Prudential Tower are utilized to create the message
• The height of each letter is 91 feet
• Total height of the message is 235 feet, total width is 180 feet
• Number of additional window lights installed: 165
• Number of window block-out panels used: 260

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That's neat. You could very easily automate all of the window lights. Block out panels would probably be more difficult/costly. But in the long run it might pay for itself.

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that frequently. Although if you wanted to use the side of the building to play Tetris, that would be the way to do it.

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So interesting. Thanks!

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Why are they still designing wolves?

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