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May their memories be a blessing

Tree of Life vigil on Boston Common

Carpundit was among the hundreds at the Parkman Bandstand to honor the memory of the Pittsburgh synagogue victims and to stand in solidarity with the survivors.



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And condolences to loved ones.

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Memory Eternal!

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Zoback is deputy chief of staff for state Senate President Karen Spilka. He writes today:

... So here I am. Hineni.

A Jew. An angry, scared Jew who isn’t going away.

Because yesterday, that oft-quoted chestnut of “first they came” was made wholly irrelevant to me. They came for us. They came for the Jews. They came for me. So who will speak up?

As Jews, we will speak up for ourselves. And we will speak for all those under attack. Until our voices are hoarse, in their names we will speak out.

That is our birthright. That is our burden.

May we all - of all beliefs and faiths - speak out.

And may their memory be a blessing.

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As much as I hate to admit it I have become a bit jaded to mass shootings on the news, as they happen almost every day, but this one really got to me. I have two beloved first cousins (our moms are sisters) who are half Jewish (their dad who was almost like a second father to me when I was a kid is Jewish) and who both grew up attending a very progressive Reform congregation in Chicago. Whenever I hear about any kind of evil antisemitic attack like this, I think of my uncle making me an "honorary Jew" when I was a kid, playing with the dreidel with my little cousins when they were small, learning about Purim etc etc and I can't decide whether I want to cry or spit on the ground in anger. May the souls of the victims of this atrocity be at peace and may their families take comfort in their memories. Society in 2018 is sick.

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