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Jews arrested protesting white nationalism in GOP

The Globe reports 14 members of the group IfNotNow were arrested for a sit-in at the Mass. Republican headquarters on Merrimac Street.

A Republican official was quoted as calling them a "a disgrace to the Jewish people" and said they had some nerve when the guy charged with slaughtering 11 Jews in Pittsburgh was "anti-Trump." He left out the part about how the reason he was "anti-Trump" was because the guy didn't think Trump was enough of a Nazi.

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The Republican official is Tom Mountain. He is a Republican State Committee member. He is also Jewish and a Trump supporter.

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Usually that's my job.

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I went to school with one of Tom Mountain's children. I remember an op-ed he wrote in the Newton Tab many years ago saying it was a disgrace, a disgrace! what the Newton Public Schools were teaching about Columbus and the early European settlement of America. He wrote that Columbus was a great dude who only worked so hard at genocide because the native populations he was enslaving and slaughtering were Big Bad Cannibals who deserved a fate worse than murder.

That is to say, Tom Mountain is a horribly racist man who is thinks genocide is a great idea, if the people being exterminated aren't white or Jewish.

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Oh I know why: I don't come to the table with the presupposition that Western Civilization as we have it in America is anything to apologize for or feel guilty about.

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Yeah, we know you don't think slavery was anything much to apologize for.

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And I think the idea that slavery tarnishes every one of our accomplishments is an untenable one. First because slavery was banned 150 years ago and its past time to let the past go. And second because no civilization's accomplishments would be left untarnished given that every major civilization practiced slavery in some form at some time in the past.

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He was a savage who cut off the hands of natives. I complete piece of shit that was latched onto by an immigrant group that was being demonized when they tried to join the American culture. But we've already talked about that.

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Oh shoot, I forgot slavery ended! Thank you for reminding me. And I imagine slavery wasn't all that bad, right Roman? Of course we made it all better by giving everyone 40 acres and a mule, right? That definitely happened. And Jim Crow never was the law of the land.

And all of that happened a little while ago so why are we still talking about it, geez! Everyone knows that the present exists in a prefect vacuum!

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Lol bruh the Jim Crow laws that were the south's "ok slavery's over but is it REAAAALLLY over??" wink wink nod were still in effect in the fucking 60s. like, living goddamn history. you can't separate the two, they're a direct and unbroken line of unaddressed and unrepentant bullshit.

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...do you search for all your dogwhistles in hipster coffee shops?

(Jacob, your mom says stop giving out her phone number!)

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not LA.

Get your story straight, comrade.

#RedWave, I mean #RedStorm...no still jot right...I know: #RedDawn!


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for bail contributions?

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why it was the Republican headquarters that had to get sat on?

Could it be that the party clearly represents racism, intolerance, anti-semitism and fraud?

yes. that's it. so true.

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But a nationwide review conducted by ABC News has identified at least 17 criminal cases where Trump's name was invoked in direct connection with violent acts, threats of violence, or allegations of assault.

Nearly all — 16 of 17 — cases identified by ABC News are striking in that court documents and direct evidence reflect someone echoing presidential rhetoric, not protesting it. ABC News was unable to find any such case echoing presidential rhetoric when Barack Obama or George W. Bush were in the White House.

Just a coincidence, of course.

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if they would have been protesting at the Democrats' headquarters if they'd installed Keith Ellison instead of Tom Perez as their chairman?

Never mind, I know the answer.

Disgraceful indeed.

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Show me where Ellison has come out in favor of people who want Jews dead.

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Or just copy the link from a PROOF OF BAD LIBS farm?

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The Traitor, who is on record as a misogynist, who advocated for an active alcoholic man for Supreme Court, who refused to condemn in absolute terms a protest by overt bigots - which led to a death, etc. is the nominal head of the current GOP. Protesting at a local branch of his power is appropriate.

You may have also missed the reporting that Trump has or will remove funding to local police forces for anti-terrorist work. Considering most acts of terrorism in the US are by citizens (not immigrants) of the US The Traitor is choosing to deny Federal assistance in the work of containing local terrorists.

Meanwhile he continues to maintain camps for immigrants, is trying to paint a picture of an invasion and has authorized troops to kill innocent people if a rock is (conveniently) thrown at troops who will be wearing riot gear and whatever military issue clothing and protection.

I define good as orderliness that supports life, culture, respects the world that humanity needs to live. Evil as the human desire to create chaos and strife, to cause harm, to inflict pain and destruction upon each other, the abuse of all that is needed to live and thrive.

Good and evil exists in each of us. The proportions vary. In Trump there is little to no good. The man today has nearly destroyed all that which was good in him leaving only evil.

He uses the rare position to promote, advocate and further the evil that exists in him. The people who are in the most direct position to stop him conspire and co-sign to his evil. That makes them participants in the acts of evil.

Deflecting to Ellison is to divert attention from a man and his movement to wreck chaos, destruction, strife and to promote hatred in the nation.

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Motivated Democrats accusing Kavanaugh of alcoholism does not imply that Kavanaugh is an alcoholic. Just like me accusing you of being a meth head does not make you a meth head.

Camps for detaining illegal border crossers caught in the act of illegally crossing the border. Deploying the military to secure the border. What am I supposed to get worked up about here?

You opened with wishful thinking and that's where you're stuck. Maybe I don't object to you're definition of good as projected onto the space of politics but the alternative facts where you've planted your flag make that minor point of agreement irrelevant. Your premises are wrong therefore your conclusion is wrong.

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You were presented with one argument that rebuts the reference to Ellison. Ellison's conduct is not relevant in this discussion.

My first three paragraphs were examples of how Trump support violence. Let's not forget that he claimed he could shoot a person on 5th Avenue in daylight with impunity. Note what I wrote about Trump ending Federal support to local police for dealing with American terrorists acting against terrorism. By the way the murders at the Tree of Life Synagogue was an act of domestic terrorism. Considering Trump gave permission to more terrorism by downplaying the terrorist actions in Charlottesville the blood of 11 Jewish people is on his hands.

Therefore protesting the violence that he supports at a location that represents him is absolutely correct.

Referring to Ellison is diversion and comes across as an attempt to dismiss as minor an act of domestic terrorism.

The next three paragraphs were to provide a thought out definition of evil.

The third argument is that based no the definition I offered of good and evil, and based upon Trump's behavior (over most of his life) Trump is an evil man. Anything he does is done from a premise of how to do evil.

As for Kavanaugh he made clear that he is an alcoholic. First his behavior at the hearing was that of a man who was intoxicated. His behavior was clearly supported by liquid courage. NO JUDGE in this nation can act with the contempt that he showed without either hubris or courage fueled by alcohol. His repeated references to beer supported that he loves beer. It is important to note that his repeated references to beer exceeded references to loving justice (did he even say that once?) That he was confirmed in spite of his shameful behavior - and his violating fundamental rules governing the conduct of judges by going on Fox TV - shows that the Republican Party is craven to lust for power and dominance.

It's unfortunate that you don't see The Traitor's use of scapegoats and boogeymen, such as a caravan invading the nation as a trick to create fear out of nothing. His sending troops to the border is to create a smoke screen; he wants to create an illusion that this so-called caravan is composed of thousands equipped with enough armament that they can conquer Texas and add yet another flag to Texas' history of various sovereign national identities.

While The Traitor plays games at the border with his little troop movements the Communist Chinese and dictator Putin laugh at Trump's imbecility and the naïveté of Americans where bona fide religious and military fascist actions, overt and covert, are happening.

Here is a warning for your safety: Unless you are white, your family is white, unless your are Fundamentalist, are willing to subscribe to a sexist hierarchy and are willing to stay in your place, you will be one of the many that the Fundamentalists (aka Evangelicals) will choose need to disappear as they create a pure Christian nation.

It's another form of fascism. Purity whether based on pseudo-science or religious belief or some other reason. Purity and its arm of action genocide. As a nation we are not immune to committing genocide or its lessor forms.. The seed of that evil exists here. Genocide was attempted agains Native Americans. The eugenics movement successfully promoted the sterilization of people thought to be defective.

Pretending that all is well by ignoring the blindingly obvious (or relying upon ad hominem arguments) is like the ostrich who sticks his head in the ground. The head remains but the body is removed after the two are separated.

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Ellison's conduct is relevant in the following way. Your outrage at Trump's supposed transgressions, which are (be honest now) more interpretations and extrapolations and inferences on your part than they are empirical observations, when contrasted against your rush to ignore, downplay, or deny documented instances of the very behavior you condemn (and brother, I condemn it too) by people on your side of the political divide is what makes me question your conclusions.

Item two. Your presumptions about the motivations of Evangelical Christians runs completely against Evangelical Christians I have known and called dear friends for most of my adult life. Unless your contention is that they're all plotting against me behind my back, I just don't believe your assessment of the character of the American public. And if that is your assertion, then I do not partake in your paranoia by proxy.

Item three. You've got a chip on your shoulder. Your little story about Izzy The Racist tells me you do.

Take all that together and I don't agree with your reasoning, I don't agree with your premises, and I have plenty of reasons to question your motivation.

Take a breath. The world won't end tomorrow.

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The guy with multiple transpanic posts everywhere and mulitple long-winded diatribes written here says "take a breath".

Irony is not dead.

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These guys are half a step away from being full blown BDSers. They'd be posing for selfies with Farakhan himself it it weren't for that thing he's got against Jews.

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You're a very well trained little propagandist. You've managed to bring up Farrakhan who has zero to do with the Democratic party several times in this one article.

Did you know that guy down in Tallahassee? I assume you posted to the same forums.

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Call out a leftist...for their radicalism, for their selective outrage, for whatever...get all but accused of being an accessory to murder.


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...just, quite possibly, someone who hangs out in the same spaces.

You're a relentless apologist...hell, you're a cheerleader for the worst in America. You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas, Roman. Fleas and a stink that will never wash off.

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that Jewish republicans can't be stupid, tone deaf, bone dumb, and largely limbic organisms just like you average white nationalist. look at the policies then look at who they support. Roman is a dumb fuck

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The first person that I met, who I understood to be Jewish, was an utterly racist, nasty fellow who 40 years later remains memorable as a bigot (he disliked Gays too; not sure about Catholics though).

My best friend and I, both white kids, applied to sell magazines door to door. About 10 other kids showed up; all black kids. Who were hired? The two white kids. Maybe this was also a business decision where Izzy figured that a black kid would not be able to sell in mostly white neighborhoods. Or maybe not. Eventually he did hire a black kid.

Considering I did a lousy job of selling magazines Izzy made a very bad choice. Of the 10 blacks kids I am sure that at least one would have been far better than I.

What that taught me? No matter what one calls the Divine, no matter what kind divine worship or where one worships, no matter what the rituals and pretty words or love, etc., bigotry exists everywhere.

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I work nearby and saw the gathering and heard the singing on my way to work.The song they
were singing was actually really nice and they had good voices.

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He left out the part about how the reason he was "anti-Trump" was because the guy didn't think Trump was enough of a Nazi.

To summarize:
1. Trump says he's not a Nazi
2. Republicans say Trump's not a Nazi
3. Republican Jews say Trump's not a Nazi
4. An actual Nazi with Jewish blood on his hands says Trump's not a Nazi

So of course Adam Gaffin and the entire civilized world (all of it, from Sommerville through JP and way out to Roslindale) conclude that Trump's a Nazi. If Trump walked on water before your eyes you'd all conclude that he can't swim.

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Jews protesting anti-Semitic rhetoric that gets Jews killed should just shut up.

Do you think obedient Jews get special medals? Or just pats on the head?

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Why, boy-o, they get gold stars!

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it's sad this blog is now perpetuating political falsehoods. It only serves to fan the flames of the partisan divide in this country where both "Trump and the media get an almost equal share of blame for encouraging politically motivated violence"


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and it brings forth the following question:

If the Media is by any objective measure doing objectively partisan things that objectively do not hew to the standard of journalistic objectity, objectively rule up emotions and objectively give air time to firebrands like Maxine Watters who objectively ask their followers to sneak right up to the hairy edge between words and sticks and stones,

Then is it right or wrong to call them out on it?

That's a serious question because the prevailing narrative of the self-interested media and the Democratic Party is that the media should get a pass for the sake of propriety because they deserve it by virtue of being the media and we value a free press.

What that attitude evades is the very question at the root of our national crisis:

How do we react when the media is conspicuously, and one might argue deliberately, failing to live up to the standard that we expect of objective journalists, and has done so in full force for over a decade? Do they get a pass or do they get called out?

And before you get to Trump, let's remember that "fake but accurate " Dan Rather peddled his fake news about W while Trump was still dumpster diving for credit cards. And let's also remember that it was ten years ago that JournoList types were caught red handed burying the story of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. And let's also recall that any time Obama get any flack from anyone during his time in office, the media was quick to remind us all that he's black, so opposition may have been motivated by racism.

That's a real abdication of journalistic integrity. People noticed. And enough people noticed to understand that a vote for Trump was a vote to hold the media to account instead of letting it cost along on its past idealized reputation as a substitute for merit today.

So what to do? Perpetuate the fiction of a press that has earned its laurels in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence or call it like we see it and tell the media to get its house in order before telling the rest of us how to live?

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provide it.

you can't, but we'll give you a chance.

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Christine Ford as "credible" despite the holes in her story. The door on her house, the too scared to fly, the Atlantic uncritically dubbing her "her own expert witness" as if such thing were possible.

Trump as a Nazi, as described above.

Eight years of uncritical coverage of Obama, with the cherry on top being unanimous praise of "the 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back"

Take your pick.

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