Five injured in Roslindale crash involving T bus, two cars and a pedestrian

Firefighters help injured person from bus at Hyde Park Avenue and Canterbury Street

Firefighters help injured person from bus. Photo by BFD.

Transit Police report five people suffered minor injuries in a chain-reaction crash on Hyde Park Avenue southbound at Canterbury Street shortly around 1 p.m. that involved a 32 bus:

The vehicle in front of the MBTA bus, a 2016 Volkswagon Passat, attempted to take a right hand turn onto Canterbury Street when the operator was forced to brake abruptly to avoid striking a pedestrian who suddenly entered into the crosswalk at the intersection of Hyde Park Ave and Canterbury Street. As a result of the sudden stop the MBTA bus struck the rear of the Volkswagon which in turn rolled forward striking a pedestrian and another vehicle stopped in traffic, a Ford Escape.

Transit Police say the crash remains under investigation but that speed was not a factor. They add there was just one passenger on the bus at the time.

Video of the incident shows the pedestrian did not dart out, however.



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1 pedestrian, 1 bus, 2 cars.

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1 pedestrian, 1 bus, 2 cars. I don't see any information that assigns blame to any one of these yet as the cause. You must have information the rest of us don't?

It's a crazy intersection

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The whole series of intersections for Hyde Park Ave, Canterbury Street, Cummins Highway, and of course American Legion are logistical nightmares for most of the day. I've taken to avoiding them by car as much as possible.


Just read the Transit Police version

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According to their report a car stopped to let a pedestrian cross and the bus struck the vehicle. Based on their report they should have cited the bus driver. I hope for their credibility they did find the bus driver at fault.


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It's been nearly six hours since this was posted, and no one has tried to blame the pedestrian/the sun/anti-car-culture for this collision. Are y'all asleep at the wheel?

La Taqueria is the real gem at that intersection

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La Taqueria is the real gem at that intersection. There's nothing on their menu that isn't straight up excellent - my personal favorite is the Korean barbecue pork belly taco.

(btw - thanks, fellow UHub chowhounds, for the recent tip re: Jim's Deli. Took the opportunity to pop in today for the first time. I had the Austin sandwich and was quite happy with it, although I almost regretted my choice when the guy behind me got the brisket.)


The Perfect Cluster

There is a pedestrian, some cars, a piece of public transit, and no information on what the hell happened.

Not much to say other than "definition of vulnerable infrastructure user".

Video shows car stopped to

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Video shows car stopped to let pedestrian cross, and bus then hits car, which was pushed into pedestrian and other car

That quote seems to be victim

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That quote seems to be victim blaming the pedestrian. "Suddenly entered the sidewalk"? I wasn't aware there was a speed limit for walking in the city of Boston. Ridiculous.


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kinda sounds like the VW had a green light and the pedestrian did not have a walk signal. If that is the scenario I most definitely blame the pedestrian


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Crosswalk, not sidewalk (you meant that, I know).

Drivers and cyclists gotta keep an eye peeled when there's a crosswalk. Pedestrians have the right to use 'em. The car stopped (appropriately); the bus did not.

not necessarily

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If the pedestrian is at an intersection where the crosswalk has a walk/don't walk signal, the pedestrian is obligated by MA law to wait for the walk signal. The car stopped (appropriately) because he didn't want to kill someone, not because he didn't have the right of way at the time. And the pedestrian in that scenario unnecessarily caused himself and others injury and property damage.

Ped light?

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Is there a pedestrian crossing light? And was it red or white? That info would have bearing to me as to distribution of fault.

Pedestrian "fault"

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the operator was forced to brake abruptly to avoid striking a pedestrian who suddenly entered into the crosswalk

No pedestrian ever suddenly enters a crosswalk. A crosswalk should be assumed to be occupied by a pedestrian at any time and proceeded through with due caution. Which looks like what this driver was attempting, but the bus behind didn't notice and played bumper cars. That'll be a mark on their record, but I think you need 589 such marks before you get canned.


Suddenly entered

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You ever walk behind someone buried in their iphone?


No pedestrian ever suddenly enters a crosswalk. A crosswalk should be assumed to be occupied by a pedestrian at any time and proceeded through with due caution.

And that is how I drive (even if I will buzz jaywalking asshats on my bike while emitting cheeky rebukes because my bike doesn't weigh 4,000 lbs and isn't as wide as a car) .

I am also not responsible for the actions of assholes who do not like operating at legal speeds, pass me illegally, tailgate and honk, etc. I don't justify driving over the speed limit in congested areas with "but those other guys will be assholes if I don't".

From What I Can See...

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From what I can see in the video, the pedestrian was not walking fast, nor did he have his head down looking at his phone. So much for "suddenly." He appears to be at least halfway across Canterbury Street when the red car is forced into the intersection by being rear-ended by the bus.

It looks like the car was hesitating at the turn to let the pedestrian finish crossing, but the bus coming up behind it didn't slow down or try to steer around. The car was forced into the intersection, and forced into the pedestrian by the impact from the bus.

I can't see the lights from the video, so I can't tell if the pedestrian was jaywalking or not. But my understanding of the law is that once the pedestrian is actually in the actual crosswalk, he (or she) legally has the right of way, and it's up to drivers to be aware of that and avoid hitting them anyway.

My armchair verdict is the bus driver being 100% at fault, but I'd much prefer to see video from another angle to be sure.