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Loose elephant reported on Tufts campus

Loose elephant on Tufts University campus

Lisa Gualtieri photographically captured this freedom-seeking pachyderm this morning.

It is, of course, a statue of the college mascot, Jumbo, looking like he's making a run for it because of some construction fencing behind him.

P.T. Barnum, who was an early Tufts trustee, gave the stuffed remains of his famous circus elephant to the school after Jumbo was hit by a freight train in Canada and died, in 1885. The college displayed Jumbo's remains in Barnum Hall until the hall and what was left of Jumbo were destroyed in an electrical fire in 1975.

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on campus that Tufts had wildlife officials remove after students reported being afraid of it?

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The pair of hawks built a nest in an area of high ped traffic and started attacking people. Several people had to get stitches and one guy was ripped up enough to be hospitalized overnight.

The couple were resettled elsewhere for the safety of students, staff, and themselves.

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