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Two teens charged with beating third teen in robbery at O'Bryant School

Boston Police report arresting two of the three teens they say were involved in a beating and robbery of another teen just outside the John D. O'Bryant School around 3:35 p.m. yesterday.

According to police:

The victim stated he was approached by three males, one of whom demanded the victim hand over his cell phone. The victim stated one of the males began punching the victim in the face several times causing injuries to the area around his eye and destroying his eyeglasses, before pushing the victim to the ground and grabbing his wallet from his pocket. The victim stated the suspects then fled the area with the victim's property. Officers searched the area and were able to locate two males matching the descriptions provided. The males immediately fled upon seeing officers. Officers gave chase and were able to apprehend the suspects. Officers recovered the victim’s stolen property and placed the two suspects under arrest.

The two alleged attackers, not named because of their age, were charged with being delinquent for assault and battery, unarmed robbery, trespassing and receiving stolen property.



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Do the three guys who punched the fourth and took his wallet attend O'Bryant? Are they in school if so where?

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I heard from a guy i know that they were frkm another school hence charged with.trespassing.

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