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Restaurant inspired by European bicycle races to open on Newbury Street; will replace long vacant smoothie joint

The Boston Licensing Board today granted permission to restaurateur Robert Weintraub and chef Michael Serpa to open a Parisian-style bistro, called Grand Tour, at 314 Newbury St., at Hereford St.

The restaurant, the name of which Boston Magazine reports is an homage to three European bicycle races, including the Tour de France, will open in space that had been vacant ever since the Smoothie King closed two years ago.

The restaurant will sit on two floors, with a total of 40 seats. A seasonal patio will have room for 12 more patrons.

To keep diners' throats lubricated, Weintraub and Sherpa are buying the beer and wine license from the Paint Bar at 248 Newbury St., which let patrons drink and paint at the same time.



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There is a dearth of bike racks on Newbury St, so here's to hoping they flood the block with nice racks.

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Hope they inspire riders away from bike messenger style racing.

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I hope they have bicycle delivery service.

But seriously... the alleys parallel to Newbury are ideal for alleycats.
But I would MUCH rather have utility riders than racers on our streets.


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