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The octopus whisperer

Associated Press profiles Wilson Menashi, a New England Aquarium volunteer who works with octopuses.

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but then thought better of it, since I would have been wrong.

USAGE The standard English plural of octopus is octopuses. However, the word octopus comes from Greek, and the Greek plural form is octopodes. Modern usage of octopodes is so infrequent that many people mistakenly create the erroneous plural form octopi, formed according to rules for Latin plurals.


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Romanus eunt domus!

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Romani ite domum

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The standard English plural of octopus is octopuses

If you're only three years old, or in a certain James Bond movie, or a mathematician generating statistics about porn using base 8 (don't ask)... then the plural is octopussies.

In the cephalopod-linguistics racket, you have to keep your contexts straight!

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