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Water, water everywhere - inside T stations


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What happens when you combine world class engineers with high quality union labor and expert construction project management & maintenance by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Ladies, gentlemen, non binaries, otherkin, trolls, cats, dogs and radical indigenous fowl..... I give you the MBTA!

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The leaks and condensation will lead to black mold in the stations. Not a safe way to spend your day working or commuting.

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The World Trade Center Station on the Silver Line has a continuing leak. The solution seems to be a trash barrel, Speedy-Dry, and a broom. Judging by the rust, it's been leaking for years.

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The MBTA even removed portions of the wall and ceiling paneling where there was obvious rust and water damage. These have been left open and untouched going on three years now.

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Charlie Faker's T doesn't care.

There are and have been for a long time permanent puddles at Shawmut, JFK, DTX , and Central. Sometimes the puddles are decorated with festive orange cones.

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Come the local TV stations looking for some free cool footage, with no intention of ever paying attention to the horrible conditions in the MBTA system or the complete lack of interest by our elected officials.

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It was raining inside my bus today too.

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