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DA: Man who murdered father of four at Mattapan party fled in victim's car

John Patterson tried to end an argument at a Goodale Road party Sunday morning by pulling a knife on his opponent, but after people wrested the weapon away, he went outside, got a gun, shot Jeudy Romero to death, then grabbed Romero's keys and drove away in his car, a Suffolk County prosecutor charged today.

Patterson, 29, of Peabody, was ordered held without bail at his arraignment this morning in Dorchester Municipal Court on a charge of murder for the death of Romero, 29, of West Roxbury, who leaves behind four young children and who was a US Army veteran.

Assistant Suffolk County District Attorney Jennifer Hickman said Patterson got into an argument at the party around 9:30 a.m. After people wrested away the knife, he left, but then returned a couple minutes later with a gun, she said. "Let me show you who I am!" he told people, then fired and hit Romero with a fatal shot, Hickman said.

Hickman said officers spotted Patterson in Romero's car near Blue Hill Avenue and managed to get him to stop. But as an officer approached the driver's side - with gun drawn - Patterson sped off, she said. Officers found the car on Fuller Street near Codman Square, then found Patterson on foot on Washington Street, where they arrested him, she said.

In addition to murder, Patterson was charged with various gun offenses and with receiving stolen property - Romero's car.

Hickman said that Patterson has a record that includes a rape conviction in Essex County.

Innocent, etc.

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To the family and everyone else who knew Jeudy, there absolutely no word that I could type or say to you however, I do offer my prayers and my words of sympathy to you.

To the Public and Law Enforcement, Great Job.

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