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Old vs. new, tired vs. wired, rec-room paneling vs. shiny paint

Old and new Orange Line cars at Oak Grove

Ethan H. spotted the past and the future of the Orange Line at Oak Grove today. The new cars, some of which were originally supposed to go into service in December, are now scheduled to begin carrying passengers this spring, maybe.

But for now, Orange Line commuters can only sigh - along with the old cars - as a new train comes rumbling through stations, like the Spirit of the Orange Line Yet to Come:

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wow. They didn't let anyone on and had a photo op with the Bosses. Yeah T how to be tone deaf. Trains are years late for service and you are running PR runs. Oh yes they say Spring 2019. Uh Huh 2020 is my wager

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The new Orange Line trains are months late for service. Spring ends at the end of May or late June depending on the definition you use. I'd put money that one train set in in service by them.

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then early 2018 , then by the end of 2018 and now late spring 2019.
Half joke half rally thing 2020

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I don't recall these ever being slated for 2017, nor early 2018. Almost two years ago, when a 2/3 length car was demoed at City Hall in April of 2017, they had a brochure which included this timeline:

  • December 2017: 6 Orange Line cars for testing - I'm not clear if 6 were received, but at least 4 made that deadline
  • December 2018: Delivery of Orange Line cars for production use begins
  • March 2019: 6 Red Line cars for testing
  • November 2019: Delivery of Red Line cars for production use begins

See the full brochure

Obviously, they've missed that second milestone, but things aren't years behind schedule at this point.

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News coverage of the awarding of the contract says

Delivery of Orange Line cars is scheduled to begin in 2018, with delivery of the Red Line cars starting in 2019. All of the new cars are to be in service by 2023.

Later stories said "Winter of 2018," which is vague since winters span years in the northern hemispheres.

On the other hand, the new Green Line vehicles were supposed to go online in 2017. That's a year late.

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they have been promising / looking for new cars for many years.
this is the third delay since they signed for these cars.

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If you think that a manufacturer should be held to a schedule designed before the bids have gone out, I would not want to be doing any work with you.

That said, when the contract was actually awarded, they agreed to a schedule that is now about 4 months off. Not too bad, especially considering the holdup how has to do with a different manufacturer. I'm still going to be holding them to the end day, though.

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The state and reality don't mix

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Old and Busted / New Hotness

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I kinda hope someday a vigilante decorator will get a roll of rec-room woodgrain contact paper, and do up the new train to look more like the old train.

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Nope, all false dichotomies, inclusive disjunctions in stealth mode. We can have both, in fact we will have both, because by the time the T finally gets around to putting those new trains to use they will have already become fully shambled.

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