Police: Uber driver sexually assaulted rider after she refused his offer to pay her for sex

Ashland Police report arresting Jose Arevalos-Avalos, 37, of Holliston, for indecent assault and battery and attempting to pay for sexual conduct for an incident Friday afternoon:

The victim reported to police that she had ordered an Uber car to commute to work in Ashland. She was picked up by a gray Toyota Corolla driven by AREVALOS-AVALOS. During the ride, the suspect allegedly propositioned the victim and offered her $100 for sex. When the victim refused, the suspect allegedly put his hand between the victim's legs and sexually assaulted her, and he later put the victim's hand between his legs.

The Uber app showed that the victim had ordered a gray Toyota Corolla with a driver named "Jose." The suspect also reportedly gave his phone number to the victim as she exited the car and asked her to call him.

The phone number and the license plate of the vehicle led police to AREVALOS-AVALOS, who was arrested at his apartment on North Mill Street in Holliston shortly before 11 p.m.

Innocent, etc.


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$1.20 a mile

The incentive remains talking to women, not making any kind of reasonable living. What a piece of garbage.

Also, Holliston has apartments?

Nicely handled Adam

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Your judgment should never be questioned. Very nicely done.

One could not find another site that is even comparable to Universal Hub. The Globe and Herald are slowly dying. Uhub is Boston media and for my money the best site on the internet, and you the best proprietor.

I am trying to imagine attempting to replicate this place in a subreddit or something.... emailing Pet Nice, erik g, O-FISH-L, and cinnamongrl and trying to convince them to post in it. How pathetic.

This is why female-only ridesharing is a good idea

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I recently downloaded Safr on my phone and look forward to using it. I only wish it was also a women-owned business, but what can you do.

I remember there was another female-only ridesharing company in the last few years in Boston (I think?) but it went under. Hopefully this kind of news highlights why it is important--for future riders and others interested in providing this kind of service.


Safr was previously Chariot

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I never saw any drivers available when I tried Safr, but that was a while ago. I have gotten a lot more female drivers through Uber and Lyft since Safr launched though.

I'm confused about one thing.

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I'm confused about one thing. Did she stay in the car after the initial assault? Or did he physically stop her from getting/jumping out? Also I really don't get how people like this sick guy make it through life. There has to be some mental health issues here for him to do that n not expect to be caught.

I'm also confused

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Why are we questioning a victim's survival response in a dangerous, traumatic situation?

One last thought

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Always sit in the back seat of an Uber/Lyft. It's not 100% protection, but you are mostly out of reach of the driver's touchy-feely hands.