Police: Man with stick threatened Green Line passengers with a serious beating

Transit Police report arresting a Somerville man for assault with a dangerous weapon for an incident this morning that started at the Riverside Green Line station, then continued on an inbound trolley.

According to police, Richard Bothelo, 47, began threatening to beat people in the face with the "elongated stick" he was holding, "for some unknown reason." Then, police say:

Bothelo then entered onto a green line trolley and began to swing the stick at patrons and scream profanities. Bothelo's actions caused fear amongst his fellow riders as well as delayed the train at the start of rush hour.

Innocent, etc.



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An ACLU Lawsuit

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Directly resulted mental hospital closures and laws saying mentally ill people have a right to refuse hospitalization, refuse to take take antipsychotic meds, and be homelesss if they wish.


Can you please cite the cases and provide links to the decisions, as Adam does?

I would, but I can't find any such case. I'm not a lawyer, though, and may be using the wrong search terms.

A simple internet search will clear it up nicely

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I'd suggest a NYTimes articlefrom 1984 that explains perfectly and without bias why they were closed, patients kicked out onto the streets. This NYTimes editorial from 1984 placed the blame squarely on the now infamous ACLU lawsuit and on hoth Democrats and Republicans.

The legislature took the tax

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The legislature took the tax money that paid for mental hospitals and put it into the bloated pensions of paper pushing do nothings in departments no one has ever heard of.

The state mental health facilities have faced constant budget cuts from every administration since Dukakis was in office.

Too many politicians are profiting from kick backs from the pharmaceutical industry that put out the myth that most crazy people would be fine with a prescription rather than clinical setting and from developers that wanted the land all the state run hospitals sat on.

No joke. At the time he did

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No joke. At the time he did this, the loudspeakers were already advising those of us who were waiting of a 15 minute delay due to "signal problems".

and yes

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same guy as above.

We begged for more info

... about how to defend ourselves against pointed sticks but no, we had to learn how to defend ourselves against the raspberry. And here we are.

Side note: mental health funding is a problem in this great, wealthy state of ours.



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I thought it was a banana.