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Steve Cooper had a busy morning

Steve Cooper with golf club and ball on Channel 7

Shortly after 9 a.m. WHDH's Steve Cooper visually summed up his entire morning: He pointed to snow, shoveled some of it as he stood atop a snow mound, took some snow out of the shovel, made a snowball and tossed it at the camera, then swung the shovel to toss the rest of his snow, got off the snow mound, showed us Scooper, the snowman he'd built (with the help of a viewer who brought a carrot for his nose) and then got out a golf ball and club and a tee, and hit the ball as he yelled "FORE!" into an empty parking lot.

If you squint, you can see him crowded in there in the top row of Channel 7's 11-box:

11 reporters and weatherpeople at WHDH
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Thanks for posting this Adam,. It reminds me of which stations NOT to turn too.

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it looks like he is playing golf on a frozen pond. i was waiting for him to fall in.

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Is hilarious, It looks like they are trying to out silly each other with how over the top they are about a little snow.
We live in Massachusetts and they freak out like it's snowing in Arizona.

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I'm waiting for a news program to make a break from the pack with a montage of this foolishness. They could caption each eyewitless-on-the-spot-reporter with their school and degree (just to shame their "journalism") and promise not to waste viewers time with such garbage. Name + Shame = Audience.

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