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Fire breaks out in building under construction on Causeway Street next to the Garden

Building on fire near TD Garden

Boston firefighters responded to Causeway Street around 4:20 p.m. for what turned into a three-alarm fire on the 25th floor of a building under construction next to Boston Garden.

This is the second fire at a downtown construction site iinn two weeks.

Firefighters were hampered getting to the fire scene because the only working elevator in the structure only goes to the fourth floor. Also, water didn't flow up to the fire scene until a construction-company worker arrived and opened a bypass valve on the building standpipe.

The fire was declared knocked down around 5:20 p.m. The Boston Fire Department estimates damage at $200,000 and says the cause is under investigation.

Photo by Sun Rises:

Fire in building under construction
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What kind of construction site that tall has no service elevator going [close] to the top?
And you would think after the Deutsche Bank construction fire in NYC that people wouldn't be messing with the stand pipe.

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I have no idea why there would be no service elevator, but I see two exterior elevators going to the top most week days. I am pretty sure I saw them both moving Saturday morning.

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There is a construction elevator, but these are not automatic and require an operator. Being a Saturday, there was no operator present at the time of the fire.

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