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Two charged as drug dealers in West Roxbury

Boston Police report arresting two men and seizing cocaine on a West Roxbury side street Wednesday evening.

Marco Pedrazarosa, 35, of West Roxbury, and Fausto Luna, 48, of Roxbury, were both charged with trafficking cocaine between 28 and 99 grams and conspiracy to violate drug laws following their arrest around 6:40 p.m. at 32 Shaw St., off Lagrange.

Officers observed the suspect, later identified as Marco Pedrazarosa, 35, of West Roxbury, exit a motor vehicle before entering a residence on Shaw Street. The suspect was then seen leaving the residence while carrying a tan-colored box. Before entering a second motor vehicle, different from the first, the suspect was observed nervously scanning the area while looking up and down the street.

Officers approached the second motor vehicle to speak with the driver, later identified as Fausto Luna, 48, of Roxbury, and observed the tan box now sitting on the front passenger seat. After further investigation, the officers observed clear plastic bags containing large white pieces of a substance, later determined to be cocaine.

Innocent, etc.

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They should say they are illegal immigrants and ICE is looking for them.

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Why did your comment get 23 THUMBS UP SIGNS?? Not funny.

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Not funny

It's all fun and games until an official of the public trust is perp marched out of their office in an epic example of draining the swamp.

Then fear sets in... or remorse or guilt or something... like in that last scene in Lord of the Flies.

Me being on the right side of things, it is totally hilarious.

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Mission Accomplished

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